Sheer Goshen founded Balloons 4 You in 2018. In only two years, she has become the reference for high-end customized balloons. Her past clients include J-Lo, David Grutman, and Winnie Harlow.

A pioneer in the European nutritional supplement market, Supersmart.com is a major player today in Europe.
The Supersmart brand was one of the very first in Europe 27 years ago to market dietary supplements. Since 1992, they have offered a printed, mail-ordered catalog.
In 1996, the Supersmart.com website made its first appearance on the internet.
Initially, the company imported products from the United States. However, they quickly developed their own pharmaceutical grade formulas and packaging in order to offer customers even greater quality and value. They now have more than 400 products and ship worldwide. In 2019, they decided to penetrate the US market.

The rising star of co-working spaces and virtual office solutions in the Miami area. StartHub is knocking on the doors of the big boys, such as WeWork, and is in constant expansion.

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