Our Guide to SEO Strategy & Content Strategy – Which to Apply First

There has long been a debate on which should go first — the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy or the content strategy. Sometimes, it becomes confusing because the two are intertwined. Keep in mind that you can only do so much in a day, which is why you need to choose which of the two strategies should go first.

If SEO strategies are done first:

It increases traffic

One reason you need to consider focusing on SEO first is that you need to write content that people are searching for. Many business owners today aim to increase organic traffic, and to do so, they must have a set SEO strategy first before they can dive into any content ideas.

It brings the right keywords to use

SEO strategies provide valuable data to marketers and business owners. If there’s no data, you will likely end up writing the wrong topics and for the wrong target audience. This means you will have to keep in mind that a poorly-optimized content could derail your marketing strategies. This is where keyword analysis comes into the picture. Know that it is a vital part of SEO and is crucial in helping you come up with excellent content ideas that have higher chances of ranking on search engine results.

It helps create successful marketing plans

SEO strategy means looking into the most important details first—your client’s information, what they want, their analytics, their Google Search Console data, backlinks, and competitors. Such data will help business owners come up with the best marketing plan, including an effective content strategy that incorporates all the touchpoints needed.

It helps develop more effective content

Doing SEO first will help business owners have a deeper understanding of what topics and keywords will be useful to reach their target audience. This is valuable research that can assist the flow of the content. Having a set SEO framework can also help business owners identify any existing content assets that they can use to leverage their rank.

If content strategies are done first:

It allows you to take a safer route

Google has become smarter than ever, which has made it safe for business owners and marketers to design a content strategy and let the search engine take care of the rest. For some, crafting content around topics that their target audience is most likely interested in encourages the natural flow of keywords and key phrases. Due to Google’s developments, the created content can now rank on its own, even without optimization. This has been effective for some who have written quality content that their target audience needs.

It makes people visit your website

When customers read quality content, they are prompted to visit your website. Dull content, on the other hand, will drive low traffic and affect rankings. By focusing on content strategy first, it puts more value to customers as you craft quality content, which enhances user experience.

It influences your SEO strategy

A content strategy influences SEO strategy more heavily than the other way around. This is because, at the end of the day, website owners must strategize for online users, not robots or other machines. Achieving such goals become possible with good content strategy, and from there, they can build their SEO.

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to deciding which of the two strategies should precede the other. Remember that deciding which goes first will depend a lot on your business needs.

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