3 Effective Ways to Boost Your Website Conversion Rates – What to Know

Simply put, conversion rate pertains to the percent of visitors on your website who get to perform or complete one of your desired actions. When your visitors make a purchase, avail of your services, fill out your contact form, sign up to an email newsletter, or subscribe to your channel, then these can translate into an increase in your conversion rate. For this reason, getting your website to convert site traffic into potential customers is a vital measurable goal for your website.

That said, below are three effective ways on how you can boost your site’s conversion rate:

1. Use active language on your CTA

Calls-to-actions (CTAs) are the buttons on your website that guides your users towards your goal conversion. Appearing in most of your pages, CTA’s will always be a key part of the entire buying journey. That’s why you have to do what it takes to maximize the clicks on your CTAs. Doing so can be the simplest and quickest way of increasing your conversion rate. That said, make sure to use active language instead of generic, passive language on buttons. Here several examples:

  • Change “Read more” to “View product details.”
  • Change “Store Finder” to “Where to buy.”
  • Change “Product categories” to “Discover more products.”
  • Change generic words like “Submit” or “Send” and try “Send my message.”

2. Prompt customers to take smaller commitments

It’s worth knowing that most customers may essentially be interested in your product. Chances are, however, that they may not be ready to buy or make a decision just yet. For this reason, it’s best to ask for smaller commitments during this stage of their journey.

You can do this by either offering softer alternatives to purchase or simply asking for less commitment. By doing so, you can create a less intimidating proposition for website visitors. In fact, Google underscores that you shouldn’t rush your potential customers with the following considerations:

Most people are commitment-averse.
Don’t ask for a commitment when you can delay it.
The best example would be ‘buy now’ vs. ‘add to cart.’
When ‘buy now’ seems final, ‘add to cart’ sounds risk-free and leaves the door open for customers to change their mind if needed.

3. Simplify your contact form to meet customer expectations

Many business owners with a website know that the contact form is their primary route for contact. As filling out a contact form can be quite a commitment, it’s best to remove as many barriers as possible. Here’s what to consider for your contact form:

Use a natural, conversational tone in your contact forms. Doing so can appear more friendly and less intimidating, although it’s still asking for five separate pieces of information.
Make sure to use concise, clear, and simple language for your contact form. The goal is to ensure that users won’t get confused and intimated, but will end up signing your form.

From conversational forms to setting expectations, asking for smaller commitments to improving your navigation, consider the three practical tips outlined above to increase your conversion rate and boost the success of your website. It’s now time to ensure that your website works wonders for your business!

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